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PD ISO/IEC TR 15067-3-2:2016|British Standards

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IT - Hardware and Office Machines

PD ISO/IEC TR 15067-3-2:2016
PD ISO/IEC TR 15067-3-2:2016
Information technology. Home electronic system application model. GridWise. Interoperability context-setting framework

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ISBN: 9780580942532

Data processing, Interoperability, Computer technology, Computer applications, Computer networks, PDF
Publication Date31/12/16
Product SKU30341496
BSI CodePD ISO/IEC TR 15067-3-2:2016
No. of pages48
PDF DownloadYes
AKAPDISO/IECTR15067-3-2:2016, PD ISO/IEC TR 15067 part 3 part 2:2016

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