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PD 6550-1:1989|British Standards

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Fluid Systems and Components

PD 6550-1:1989
PD 6550-1:1989
Explanatory supplement to BS 5500:1988. Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels. Section three. Design. Domed ends (heads)

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ISBN: 0580175006

Fusion welding, Pressure vessels, Unfired pressure vessels, Pressure equipment, Design, Dome shape, Design calculations, Dished ends, Welding, Structural design, Stress analysis, PDF
Publication Date30/11/89
Product SKU205538
BSI CodePD 6550-1:1989
No. of pages16
PDF DownloadYes
AKAPD6550-1:1989, PD 6550 part 1:1989
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