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BS ISO 4433-4:1997|British Standards

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Fluid Systems and Components

BS ISO 4433-4:1997
BS ISO 4433-4:1997
Thermoplastics pipes. Resistance to liquid chemicals. Classification. Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) pipes

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ISBN: 0580291359

Pipes, Plastics, Thermoplastic polymers, Fluid equipment, Classification systems, Vinyl resins, Immersion tests (corrosion), Tensile testing, Mass, Corrosion resistance, Chemical-resistance tests, Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, Polyvinylidene fluoride, PDF
Publication Date15/03/98
Product SKU1382494
BSI CodeBS ISO 4433-4:1997
No. of pages18
PDF DownloadYes
AKABSISO4433-4:1997, BS ISO 4433 part 4:1997

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