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BS EN ISO 5198:1999|British Standards

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Fluid Systems and Components

BS EN ISO 5198:1999
BS EN ISO 5198:1999
Centrifugal, mixed flow and axial pumps. Code for hydraulic performance tests. Precision class

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ISBN: 0580323641

Centrifugal pumps, Axial-flow pumps, Water pumps, Rotary pumps, Pumps, Fluid equipment, Performance testing, Precision, Classification systems, Grades (quality), Testing conditions, Test equipment, Accuracy, Errors, Flow rates, Flow measurement, Pressure measurement (fluids), Equations, Error correction, Power measurement, Efficiency, Cavitation, Statistical methods of analysis, Thermodynamic properties, Density, Specific heat, Graphical methods, PDF
Publication Date15/04/99
Product SKU30008277
BSI CodeBS EN ISO 5198:1999
No. of pages92
ReplacesBS 5316-3:1988
PDF DownloadYes
AKABSENISO5198:1999, BS EN ISO 5198:1999
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